Relief from Post Operative and Chemotherapy Induced Nausea

Relief from Post Operative and Chemotherapy Induced Nausea

Despite modern techniques, many patients still suffer nausea and vomiting after an operation under general anaesthetic, especially when other drugs are given for pain relief.

Continuing sickness may mean that patients need to stay in hospital longer than anticipated, especially after day surgery. Sea-Bands can help prevent nausea in such cases.

Similarly, the potent drugs used to treat cancer patients often cause nausea and vomiting. Nurses and doctors encourage the use of Sea-Bands to help patients control their symptoms and – in consequence – their reaction to treatment and recovery.

Relieving Nausea

Sea-Bands use the tried and trusted principle of acupressure to prevent and relieve nausea. Clinically tested, it allows cancer patients to apply it themselves, within their own personal space, which gives them back that sense of control that nausea and sickness takes away.

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